Q: Do I need to have my phone’s vibration feature enabled?

A: In order for our alert system to work, we ask that you do enable your phone’s vibration feature.

Q: Do I have to ask the driver to take their picture?

A: We fully understand that new users might be apprehensive about taking a picture of the driver thinking that it could be misunderstood as being confrontational. From a safety standpoint, the most important image to take is that of the license plate (or taxi medallion) since that will make tracking easier should a problem occur.

Having said that, we still believe that making the driver aware that he is identifiable and accountable for your safety is also an essential element of the BestRides’ protection program. To that end, here’s a simple approach that has proven to be quite effective. Before you get into the vehicle, approach the driver’s window, smile, and in a friendly manner, mention, “I like my friends and family to know where I’m going and whom I’m with, so I take a picture of my driver and text them to my friends – is that OK with you?” Nine out of ten times, it is. But on those rare occasions when the driver protests, just tell them, “Okay – I’ll just take a shot of your license plate instead.” If a driver also objects to that reasonable request, we strongly recommend that you find another ride.

Q: It’s a hassle to have to plug in the same destination over and over – is there a shortcut I can use?

A: BestRides has added the ability to store your three most recent destinations to simplify the trip recording process. We believe that this will save users a great deal of time with frequent use of the app.

Q: What happens when I hit the Panic Button?

A: The moment you hit the panic button, the pictures you’ve taken (ideally of both the driver and their license plate) will be sent to your chosen group of contacts along with the GPS coordinates of your location.

Q: Since there is no driver to photograph, what’s the point of the “WalkSafe” feature of the app?

A: It’s simple – your safety shouldn’t be limited to just when you’re taking a ride. The WalkSafe feature allows you to let a selected group know that you are leaving a specific location (walking back to your dorm room from the library, or, walking home after a night out at a local bar or restaurant) and should be expected within a certain period of time. We believe that users should be as safe when they’re walking as when they’re riding.

Q: Do I always have to notify my entire network of contacts when I use BestRides?

A: The app allows you to select whichever contacts you want to alert about your latest trip. If at school, it might be your roommates; if at home, maybe it’s family members; if traveling abroad, maybe the other members of your traveling party. BestRides allows you to customize the contacts you’ll be alerting with each trip.

Make sure your desired contacts are in your phone’s contact list first, then enable BestRides to access your contacts as part of the app’s set-up process. From there, you can easily select names to add to your group.

Have any other questions? Contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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