Whether you’re trying to survive your first ride-sharing experience or taking a cab back to your dorm at night, our top 6 safety tips will give you peace of mind.

1. Instead of flagging a cab down on the street, call a taxi service and ask for the cab number to be sure that you’re getting into a legitimate vehicle with a licensed driver. Make sure you check to see that the company’s name is visible on the side of the car before going inside. If you have to hail a taxi, avoid unmarked vehicles.

2. The majority of ridesharing apps will display your driver’s name, photo, license plate number, and the make and model of his or her car. Before opening the door, make sure you verify that the driver is the person listed on the appThere have been many cases of criminals posing as ridesharing drivers, so it’s worth it to double check.

3. Whether you’re taking a taxi or using a ridesharing service, avoid sitting in the front passenger seat. Dave Sutton, a spokesman for the public safety initiative Who’s Driving You, says that many of the incidents he’s seen “have happened to passengers riding up front.” The farther away you are from the driver, the less likely you are to be targeted.

4. Keep valuable items hidden and don’t flash cash. Put your belongings in your purse or backpack and keep them out of the driver’s sight.

5. If you’re unfamiliar with your surroundings, track the route on your phone as you go to ensure your driver is heading the right way.

6. The easiest way to guarantee your safety is to download the SafeRide app. Whether you’re traveling across campus or across the country, the SafeRide app will notify your contacts when you’ve arrived safely at your destination or immediately alert them if you don’t.